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Reiki promotes the natural healing and relaxation of the body when the Reiki Master or Practitioner channels the energy by placing the hands on or above the client’s body in the major chakras who lays down on the massage table.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations focuses on finding the root of the challenges you face due to a lack of order in your relationship with your Parents or other family members, previous romantic relationships; including those that have passed away many years ago.

Access Bars

Access Bars® removes the blockages created by our own considerations, viewpoints, thoughts, feelings and emotions. It releases anything that does not allow us to RECEIVE in any aspect of our body and life. 


Enjoy a Thai or Swedish massage session to relax your body and  increase the effects of the “Happy Hormones” in your body.


Receive a Hand and Foot Reflexology Session

Relax the organs of your body by stimulating the nervous system in specific points through your hands and feet.

Energetic Clearings

An Energetic Clearing with Copal and other herbs was a common practice in the Mayan and Aztec culture.

A benefit of an Energetic Clearing that has been greatly reported from clients is the sense of peace and harmony in the cleared environment or smudged people.

Womb Blessings

Womb Blessing is a therapy created to energetically heal the womb by utilizing ancestral techniques and codes of light to unblock old energies and bring freedom to the future generations and a stronger conecction with yourself, especially with the important part of your body that brings forth life.

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Well… Now a little bit about my story!

About Cecilia

My name is Cecilia Elena Rocha Martinez and at 6 years old, in the midst of strong themes of depression, anxiety, alcoholism and parental absence in my family system, I ended up in a couple of orphanages for children with situations similar to mine in Monterrey, Mexico until I came of age. I finished my professional studies as a Business Administrator at Universidad Regiomontana in Mexico.

And then...

With a thirst to find balance on so many levels, I explored multiple courses, trainings and seminars related to personal growth. I found the Red Road, the Path of the Heart, where, thanks to native traditions, I have been able to go beyond illusion and connect with truths that have enriched my life in incredible ways. We now make a conscious effort to maintain our family ties from the heart, beyond the mind and for the benefit of our future generations. I have found healing through the Sun Dance at the Crow Dog’s Paradise reservation. I have currently rooted myself more deeply here, being part of the spiritual community led by Yolanda Palomares and Chief Valerio Cohaila.

In 2014, I started my journey as a Reiki teacher, and took courses on Oneness Blessings, Spiritual Coaching, Thetahealing, Access Bars, and Womb Healing. I later became a Sahumadora (Fire Carrier Woman), and soon I will be able to integrate Massage Therapy and Family Constellations as part of my alternative services.

I am passionate about the healing of the soul as well as the path traveled as a Mother. Thanks to recognizing my ancestors, I can now reconnect significantly with more people which creates harmony, inner peace and clarity in my life.

My commitment is to guide you in your spiritual journey by being an energy channel and providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which you can bring awareness and have clarity for your own self-discovery through my holistic therapies.


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Come to learn or practice some Sacred Ceremony Songs before the Sweatlodge, (Inipi, Temazcal)

  • Reiki Circle


Come to channel the Reiki energy or allow others to share it with you.

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  • YaoCalli


Assisting The Warriors of Light

The purpose of our energetic and spiritual work is to unravel the many limitations that we often place on ourselves.

We believe that healing begins in our own hearts, primarily through the act of self-forgiveness, self-understanding, and self-love. We recognize that healing is a lifelong process that carries us through a myriad of emotions: all of which are embraced.


  • Illapu Movement


The Returning of the Thunder Beings Nation

The ILLAPU MOVEMENT is founded as an Eco-Spiritual organization, with the purpose of   being an Eco-Spiritual platform for self-sustainable development projects with a low ecological   impact and alternative or complementary projects for a healthy living.The mission of this Eco-spiritual movement is to raise new platforms as self-sustainable development projects with   a low ecological impact, inspired by the ancestral path of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, with the purpose of creating self-sustainable projects of high ecological efficiency   and simultaneously developing alternative platforms, thus generating a radical improvement in the standard of living. 


  • Cimino Law Firm


Empower You With Honest & Qualified Candid Legal Assistance                                           Strive to provide you with an inspiring standard of legal care and hope you receive the smoothest transition through this time in your life.

  • Free Your Soul Foundation


An organization established for the purpose of developing and supporting sustainable and empowering programs – one of our programs include ancient healing ceremonies through bonafide native lineages.


  • Ricardo Cedillo  / Sexta Studio

Amazing Advertising Agency, If you are looking for a soulfull & professional communication for your brand just Send Him A Message.

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